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All Cops are Liars, Liars! (& Evil)

facebook_share_wporgMy first reaction to the video of Walter Scott being shot by police officer Michael Slager was, like everybody else’s, “what a horrifying example of law enforcement malpractice.”

But soon the contrarian conservatarian skeptic in me started wondering how long it would take for the left lackey media to start spinning and twisting this incident and to begin pushing one of their favorite “social justice” theorems: police+minority=evil? As it turned out, it didn’t take long at all. Continue reading All Cops are Liars, Liars! (& Evil)

On the Mythologizing of Christopher Dorner…Say What?!

As one who has delivered some harsh — one might say blistering — condemnation against New York Times columnist Charles Blow, today I feel compelled to proffer unqualified commendation of his recent column on the California cop killer.  In the interest of consistent truthfulness, sometimes it’s necessary to admit that someone normally considered an adversary — even an enemy — has gotten it right…even while my jaw is dropping.

Contra the denizens of lefty-loon bloggers, commenters, tweeters, letter-to-the-editor writers, Blow’s response is unambiguous: “[M]ake no mistake: Christopher Dorner is no hero.”  After quoting several of the wackier blurts in Dorner’s “manifesto,” Blow concludes: “Through his own words, Dorner forfeits any aspiration to the title of hero.”   Continue reading On the Mythologizing of Christopher Dorner…Say What?!

Zimmerman Apologized to Martin’s Family…or Did He?

As reported in the Washington Post from the AP — and this account is being parroted universally in the left-lackey media — George Zimmerman apologized to the family of Trayvon Martin:

In an unusual move, George Zimmerman took the witness stand Friday to apologize to the parents of Trayvon Martin for fatally shooting their 17-year-old son. Assistant prosecutor Bernardo de la Rionda took the opportunity to grill the neighborhood watch volunteer about some of the statements he made to police.  (Emphasis added.)

Eager to pounce on Zimmerman’s surprise statement, prosecutor De la Rionda attempted to twist Zimmerman’s words into an admission of criminal guilt and/or an offense of perjury, or at least a cynical ploy to scrounge for some media sympathy:   Continue reading Zimmerman Apologized to Martin’s Family…or Did He?

Justice for Trayvon…And Only Trayvon

For sheer lugubrious bleeding-heart boo-hoo, it would be hard to beat Justice for Trayvon by Charles M. Blow, columnist for the New York Times (whom else?). The tears begin with the opening paragraph:

  • A boy’s blood had been spilled on a rain-soaked patch of grass behind a row of mustard-colored condominiums by a man who had pursued him against the advice of 911 dispatchers. That man carried a 9-millimeter handgun. The boy carried a bag of candy.

The cascade of lacromosity quickly turns into a tsunami:

  • Americans saw the anguish of the boy’s father and the tears of his mother. America saw a child who was its own. America saw its concept of basic fairness sinking in to the marsh of miscarried justice.

Continue reading Justice for Trayvon…And Only Trayvon