The Postmodern Party

Republicans are regularly called “stupid” by Democrats, but there is one label that so comprehensively describes and predicts the political behavior of today’s left-dominated Democratic Party that it deserves to be regarded as a meta-label: postmodernist.

Institutionalized, formal postmodernism is almost exclusively centered in higher academia; you will search in vain for an average man on the street who says, “I am a postmodernist.”  However, academic postmodernism has long been reaching out from its lofty eyries via its “educated” acolytes, who have been busy for decades quietly worming their way into American life from top to bottom, including not just politics, but education at all levels, entertainment, journalism, corporations, foundations, even churches — everything that affects you and me.  Postmodernism is much more than a philosophy; it is today’s foundational cultural driver. Continue reading The Postmodern Party