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Government “Shutdown” Déjà Vu

facebook_share_wporgFourteen months ago, I publicly asked, in all seriousness, the question, “What government shutdown?” The public response to my question—and my disambiguation of “shutdown”—since then: silence. So now I have another question: Why are Republicans, even conservatives, so incorrigibly willing, sometimes it seems even eager, to truckle to word choices foisted on them by the Democrat left? Continue reading Government “Shutdown” Déjà Vu

Critique of (Im-)Pure Conservative Labels

Stupid Republicans are suckered every day into parroting leftist propaganda words, right?  But we conservatives, we’re too wily to fall for such leftist chicanery; we see right through their verbal malefactions every time.

Not.  Hate to break it to you, fellow conservatives: more often than we’d like to admit, conservatives are vortexed by leftist labels.  Whenever that happens, we help them to confer on their maldefined  misnomers a perennial place in the all-American vocabulary.

In what follows, I will identify a few of the most egregious leftist verbal booby traps.  I will also suggest a simple remedy that can “out” them in public for the shenanigans they are and dispatch them beyond the pale of acceptable American rhetoric. Continue reading Critique of (Im-)Pure Conservative Labels