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Ban the Mexican Flag

One New York [Times] minute after the arrest of accused massacrist Dylann Roof, baying, braying leftists were demanding that the Confederate flag be banned; after all, Roof was seen on his website proudly holding such a flag, wasn’t he? So every establishment-media news reader made sure we got to witness that benighted banner being dragged down from the pole from which it flew in Charleston, SC—urged and cheered by Republican Governor Nikki Haley. No, more, the very pole from which it waved had to be obliterated. Continue reading Ban the Mexican Flag

The Illogic of Paul Krugman

Leftists have such a difficult time with simple logic.  They make it so easy for non-experts like me to pick apart their arguments.

Whenever I can force myself to listen, for the sheer horror of it, to a few minutes of President Obama’s rhetoric, my mind instantly begins setting off logic alarms (“Straw man!”  “What a preposterous false analogy!”  “You’re begging the question!”) until my head starts to spin.  Obama obviously loves to think of himself as the Logician in Chief (LIC).  He pretends, for example, to have a special laser beam for false choices put forward by his enemies.  The irony is that he himself delivers one false choice after another almost every time his lips move.   Continue reading The Illogic of Paul Krugman

Of Waterboarding…and Gun Control

If you conservatives out there in AT country are anything like me, you spend a good deal of time scratching your heads in perplexity when leftists speak.  “How can they possibly believe that?”

Give the top of your head a break and don’t let your fingernails draw any blood when you watch Leslie Stahl’s 60 Minutes interview — set to air in full the evening of April 29 — of former CIA Clandestine Services head Jose Rodriguez.  Rodriguez was in charge of, among other things, the interrogation of 911 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) using “enhanced interrogation” techniques, which of course we all know is a euphemism for waterboarding.

In a nation that says it’s OK to deploy armed drones that inevitably kill and maim non-combatant bystanders right along with enemy terrorists, we find Ms. Stahl deeply concerned about Ensure being fed to interrogation subjects:   Continue reading Of Waterboarding…and Gun Control