Wayne LaPierre: Close but Not Quite

As an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment for many years, I was looking forward to hearing from NRA president Wayne LaPierre about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  He had the good sense to wait for a decent while before speaking and thereby convey some evidence of actually thinking about this horrifying event, unlike the lockstep, ignorant leftists who began promulgating grand gun-ban wisdom within minutes afterward.

Surely LaPierre speaks the simple but indisputable truth when he says, “People driven by demons walk among us every day[.]  The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  Moreover, the onus he lays on the violent video games industry is altogether plausible.  However, his solution that calls for putting an armed police officer in every school falls short of adequate.   Continue reading Wayne LaPierre: Close but Not Quite

The Obamacare Mandate is NOT a tax

By now anyone who is not residing in an unelectrified cabin in the mountains of Montana knows about the firestorm of controversy created by the June 30, 2012 SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare.  What is less obvious is the confusion the ruling has left in its wake.  Most of this confusion has to do with indiscriminate labels bouncing off the walls of public discourse.

Here’s a shortlist of quotes from media sources that highlight the mandate/tax confusion:   Continue reading The Obamacare Mandate is NOT a tax

John Roberts v. ObamaCare: An Apologia

Conservatives complain, often justifiably, that stupid Republicans are all too quick to throw their own under the bus when turmoil arises, while leftist Democrats stick up for their henchmen through any and all fraud and deceit.  But look how many conservatives have been eager to give Chief Justice John Roberts a poke in the eye with a sharp stick following the ObamaCare decision — not just criticisms, but outright ad hominem attacks, even hinting that Roberts has been a closet leftist all along.

By noon Thursday, literally minutes after the decision was announced, Rush Limbaugh was in full fulmination mode: “[W]e, the American people, have just been deceived in ways that nobody contemplated.  And what we now have is the biggest tax increase in the history of the world[.] … The chief justice was hell-bent to find a way to make this law applicable, so he just decided, you know what, as a tax increase, it [the mandate] works, because there’s no limit on the federal government’s ability to tax.”   Continue reading John Roberts v. ObamaCare: An Apologia

The Illogic of Paul Krugman

Leftists have such a difficult time with simple logic.  They make it so easy for non-experts like me to pick apart their arguments.

Whenever I can force myself to listen, for the sheer horror of it, to a few minutes of President Obama’s rhetoric, my mind instantly begins setting off logic alarms (“Straw man!”  “What a preposterous false analogy!”  “You’re begging the question!”) until my head starts to spin.  Obama obviously loves to think of himself as the Logician in Chief (LIC).  He pretends, for example, to have a special laser beam for false choices put forward by his enemies.  The irony is that he himself delivers one false choice after another almost every time his lips move.   Continue reading The Illogic of Paul Krugman

Of Waterboarding…and Gun Control

If you conservatives out there in AT country are anything like me, you spend a good deal of time scratching your heads in perplexity when leftists speak.  “How can they possibly believe that?”

Give the top of your head a break and don’t let your fingernails draw any blood when you watch Leslie Stahl’s 60 Minutes interview — set to air in full the evening of April 29 — of former CIA Clandestine Services head Jose Rodriguez.  Rodriguez was in charge of, among other things, the interrogation of 911 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) using “enhanced interrogation” techniques, which of course we all know is a euphemism for waterboarding.

In a nation that says it’s OK to deploy armed drones that inevitably kill and maim non-combatant bystanders right along with enemy terrorists, we find Ms. Stahl deeply concerned about Ensure being fed to interrogation subjects:   Continue reading Of Waterboarding…and Gun Control

Zimmerman Apologized to Martin’s Family…or Did He?

As reported in the Washington Post from the AP — and this account is being parroted universally in the left-lackey media — George Zimmerman apologized to the family of Trayvon Martin:

In an unusual move, George Zimmerman took the witness stand Friday to apologize to the parents of Trayvon Martin for fatally shooting their 17-year-old son. Assistant prosecutor Bernardo de la Rionda took the opportunity to grill the neighborhood watch volunteer about some of the statements he made to police.  (Emphasis added.)

Eager to pounce on Zimmerman’s surprise statement, prosecutor De la Rionda attempted to twist Zimmerman’s words into an admission of criminal guilt and/or an offense of perjury, or at least a cynical ploy to scrounge for some media sympathy:   Continue reading Zimmerman Apologized to Martin’s Family…or Did He?

Justice for Trayvon…And Only Trayvon

For sheer lugubrious bleeding-heart boo-hoo, it would be hard to beat Justice for Trayvon by Charles M. Blow, columnist for the New York Times (whom else?). The tears begin with the opening paragraph:

  • A boy’s blood had been spilled on a rain-soaked patch of grass behind a row of mustard-colored condominiums by a man who had pursued him against the advice of 911 dispatchers. That man carried a 9-millimeter handgun. The boy carried a bag of candy.

The cascade of lacromosity quickly turns into a tsunami:

  • Americans saw the anguish of the boy’s father and the tears of his mother. America saw a child who was its own. America saw its concept of basic fairness sinking in to the marsh of miscarried justice.

Continue reading Justice for Trayvon…And Only Trayvon

Critique of (Im-)Pure Conservative Labels

Stupid Republicans are suckered every day into parroting leftist propaganda words, right?  But we conservatives, we’re too wily to fall for such leftist chicanery; we see right through their verbal malefactions every time.

Not.  Hate to break it to you, fellow conservatives: more often than we’d like to admit, conservatives are vortexed by leftist labels.  Whenever that happens, we help them to confer on their maldefined  misnomers a perennial place in the all-American vocabulary.

In what follows, I will identify a few of the most egregious leftist verbal booby traps.  I will also suggest a simple remedy that can “out” them in public for the shenanigans they are and dispatch them beyond the pale of acceptable American rhetoric. Continue reading Critique of (Im-)Pure Conservative Labels

The Postmodern Party

Republicans are regularly called “stupid” by Democrats, but there is one label that so comprehensively describes and predicts the political behavior of today’s left-dominated Democratic Party that it deserves to be regarded as a meta-label: postmodernist.

Institutionalized, formal postmodernism is almost exclusively centered in higher academia; you will search in vain for an average man on the street who says, “I am a postmodernist.”  However, academic postmodernism has long been reaching out from its lofty eyries via its “educated” acolytes, who have been busy for decades quietly worming their way into American life from top to bottom, including not just politics, but education at all levels, entertainment, journalism, corporations, foundations, even churches — everything that affects you and me.  Postmodernism is much more than a philosophy; it is today’s foundational cultural driver. Continue reading The Postmodern Party